Coverages ☂️

Cookie Finance specializes in Yield Farming Insurance by proving a seamless and comprehensive Wrapped-Token Platform.
The Insured Farms may appear normal, however they are all backed by up to 40,000 🍪$CHIPS per Farm.
All Farms offer protection from both Rug-Pulls and Flash-Loan Exploits.

How does Yield Farming Insurance work?

All Farms carry an automated payout in 🍪$CHIPS if a >99% price deviation occurs over a 24 hour period in any of the Wrapped Token Contracts.
The Farms are monitored with an array of Price Oracle Contracts that provide a Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP).
The Insurance policies are achieved via continuous monitoring of the Wrapped Contracts, relative to the price of various Stable-Coins.
All Insured Farms carry Automated & Instantaneous payouts in 🍪$CHIPS if the insurance is triggered.