Farming Insurance

The logical next step in Yield Farming is to provide simple and safe Farms with the appropriate coverages to catalyze further growth.
Cookie Finance is happy to present The Next-Generation of Binance Smart Chain Farming with multi-layered protection against adverse external factors. Pools are backed by Cookie Finance 🍪$CHIPS.
Each insured farm is covered by 🍪$CHIPS as collateral which pays out automatically to users if the underlying farm has any withdrawal issues (such as “rugpulls” or "flash-loan exploits.)

How does it work?

Example 1: User deposits 10 Brownies into Brownie Farm, they then un-stake one day later & receive their 10 Brownies back. In this case no 🍪$CHIPS compensation is needed.
Example 2: User deposits 10 Brownies into Brownie Farm, but when they come to un-stake, Brownie-Farm has lost their Brownies (whether through nefarious rugs, exchange issues or even mathematical errors). In this case the user is automatically compensated in 🍪$CHIPS to make up for the Brownies lost.
The amount the user receives is up to 100% of their Brownies value (each Insured Farm has a 🍪$CHIPS allocation which is split between farmers).
As our project grows TVL, the amount of coverage on our farms will increase through a Net-Positive Cycle elaborated upon in "Coverages & Policies".