Coverages & Policies

How does it Work?

Cookie Finance wraps existing farms on BSC with a contract that deposits to the underlying farm (e.g. Banana or Cake). This allows a seamless farming experience on the CookieBake.Finance site, with built-in coverages to prevent loss of investment.
Important to the liquidity and financial stability of the project is the transfer tax system for Insurance Coverages. Shown below is the Net-Positive Feedback Cycle produced in the Insured Farms via the insurance fees:
Increased compensation should produce a net-positive cycle

What will we cover?

Cookie Finance will provide Insurance on the value of your yield farming tokens with permanent solutions for many of the common tokens such Cake, Banana, Bake, Bunny, Hunny and stable-coins such as BUSD.
In addition to these common tokens, new tokens will be added to the platform via voting in the telegram. In the future, more comprehensive coverages including wallet and cash-value insurance will be provided on the platform.

What is in the Future?

Our largest priority is continuing to expand and grow our community and total coverages. This will be accomplished by providing a range of solutions to up-and-coming BSC projects as well as pre-existing projects to add a layer of security.
This priority is directly related to the Cookie Finance Market-Cap & Liquidity. It is centric to the Cookie Finance ethos that we provide long-lasting coverages and policies that will endure the test of time.