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Welcome to Cookie Finance -- Providing Insured DeFi Solutions ☂️


Cookie Finance is a Binance Smart Chain Insurance Provider that uses Wrapped Farms to protect your assets.
Farms are backed by the native token 🍪$CHIPS to compensate users if their funds are locked or stolen.
At the forefront of the coverages are protection from rugpulls and exchange exploits to enable safe investing in a quickly growing ecosystem.
Cookie Finance provides Insurance on the Binance Smart Chain and is expanding to the Polygon Network in order to build comprehensive policies to protect our users.
Cookie Finance, Insured Farming in an Unsure World ☂️

Main Features

Insured Farming

The Next-Generation of Yield Farming including Insurance on your investment. Pools are backed by Cookie Finance 🍪$CHIPS to protect your assets. This is Cookie's premier solution and a leap forward in the evolution of Yield Farming.

Token Buy-Backs and Absorbed Liquidity

Each transfer of 🍪$CHIPS within the farms must pay a percentage of transfer tax. Part of the tax is allocated to 🍪$CHIPS Buy-Backs, and the remainder is paired to LP to raise the price floor.

Token Burning

As needed, part of transfer tax is allocated to 🍪$CHIPS Burns, in order to regulate the supply.

Referral program

A referral program is implemented to incentivize users to invite friends and family to join the Insured Farming and Staking. Payout in 🍪$CHIPS ! Read more here!
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